Address Validation at UPS and Why are Different From Others?

Hello everyone! As we are getting too many so today we are going to answer another FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) related to UPS. We always try to give the best possible answer and solution.

Today also we will answer another question which is “What are the APIs that are available for Validation of address at UPS and how do they differ from each other?” So here is the answer is there are two types of APIs available for validation of address that is as follows;

  1. Address Validation (AV) API- It can be found in the Developer Kit of UPS which is the Developer APIs section of ups.com. USPS address database is used by this API.
  2. Address Validation Street Level API (AVSL)- Similar to address validation API, this API can also be found in the UPS Developer Kit that is Developer APIs. APIs backend uses the Trillium algorithms and database. This is the reason why AVSL is only used for the purposes of shipping.

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