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How to Complain to UPS Management.

Raising a UPS Complaint is a necessary task which is not supposed to be avoided. In order to report regarding a package which is being undelivered or which is being lost, you can report or file a complaint against it within the span of nine months, after the time duration of nine long months, this will not be applicable.


UPS Complaint

The UPS Complaint procedure or the steps of the UPS include: calling the customer service number at the very first and in case if no sort of query is being solved after contacting there then go for mailing them which is the UPS complaint email, and after that too if it does not work then you can personally get to their service centers. The UPS reference number is one of the numbers which is basically a number of six digits and is used for the basic main purpose of billing and shipment cases.

UPS complaint email

Complaints are basically raised when there is any sort of irregular delivery or if the wrong package is received by the customer. Complaints can be written in any style whether in the written form or in the online application form wise, depending on the customers choice.

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  • On the morning of17th July at 4am, I S/O Gorden Koh ID:S7215328F , was at Guard post 2 on my own. Guard post 2 is not admissible to motorcyclist and walk ins. This is widely known amongst all UPS delivery personnel and staff. The barrier was up as there was loading and unloading by staff of New Way. At 410am, a motorcyclist travelled at a speed between 60 to 80 kmh, entered the premise through the open barrier without stopping for security check. He quickly turned into the loading bay on Level 1 not parking is allowed and he disappeared when I shout at him. I went to the main gate fire command centre and alerted my colleague WSSO Mercy and SO Aizi. They secured the gate and monitored the CCTV and secured the lift. I went to do a search of UPS building, without trespassing restricted area. I shouted for him to come out. But no one answered. I failed to find him. At 440am, Law Ga Fah of ID 00000010068 approached the FCC because the premise has been secured and he was unable to leave the premise. He admitted that the motor cycle that entered the premise illegally belonged to him. He claimed to have permission to enter the premise 24/7 as a staff member of UPS. We have advised that the matter will be flagged up to the management as part of the security protocol. He then claimed that he starts work at 7am and had come in earlier becuase he travelled from Malaysia. He claimed that it was his intention to just come in earlier to rest. This is not the first time he was doing this. However, we had never seen the motor cycle before . None of us has seen his motorcycle parking illegally at the premise before. We are suspicious that he is familiar with our patrolling shift change time. He admitted going into the 1st floor where he is not allowed to be in. Pls investigate the matter thoroughly. He threatened to have the security personnel removed from the job if we prevent his access. I had requested to check his motorcycle to prevent any theft as he seemed suspicious but he drove away immediately. He was back an hour later outside the maingate. He was instigating harmony by loudly declaring that Singaporeans security are creating trouble with Malaysian workers.
    His behaviour greatly undermined inter country work harmony & making security job become harder.

    Security Officer
    Gorden Koh
    Hp: +6588158824

  • I don’t know what going on here …but a plate from my last truck is on one off your trucks and is getting a lot of tickets. but some how it still register in my name and address. I call a few times and no one is able to help me in a manner to fix this. their picture of the truck on line with the ppa.

  • I ordered two large fans in May and they’ve now been sitting at the Concord, CA UPS station since 4 in the morning of June 9th! Concord is approximately 15 miles to our front door! It’s been in the low 100s…so can I assume that someone at UPS is enjoying our fans! We’re sure not!

  • I have no idea what’s going on with the UPS driver for my area, he/she does not want to deliver packages to my house, they want to leave them either at the end of the driveway, which is at least a half mile away, or on the bridge that is a mile away from my house. I’m lucky that no one picks it up. One morning my uncle came over the bridge and there was a package addressed to me, luckily he found it first and this was around 5:00 in the morning, so you know it was left over night.

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