Is UPS Responsible for Stolen Packages?

People ask a lot of questions regarding the UPS. We have discussed several questions in our previous articles and today we are going to talk about the stolen package and Is UPS responsible for the stolen package or not. If you are here looking for the answer to this question then read the entire article.

If your package is delivered by UPS and you think that it might have got stolen. Then, first of all, you are required to inform the UPS authorities either online or offline so that they can help you to locate your package. If still, you do not find your lost package then file a claim. You can receive the amount up to the declared value of the content of your package. These are the steps to file a claim:

  1. Report Lost package- Both receiver and shippers can file a report of the lost package but loss can only be the sender and receiver both belong to the United States of America
  2. UPS package search-Then UPS carry out the investigation, It usually takes 7-10 business days
  3. Claim authorized- If UPS doesn’t find the package then you will get the authorized mail.
  4. Review of documents by UPS- Documents will be reviewed by UPS
  5. Claim paid- After all the above process you will get the amount for your claim.

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  • LIARS &THIEVES My experience: UPS is paid to deliver the package, and RECEIVE the package to deliver it. They move it across the US from the east coast toward Alaska, delivery destination. It arrives at a UPS FACILITY in Kent, Wa. Two hours later (at 5:05 PM) when management go home, it is repirted as missing, WHILE IN THEIR POSSESSION. Their “investigation” reveals no package, two weeks later. I file a valid loss; all bases covered, everything provided. A month goes by, a call to UPS, & I am told only then that my CLAIM WAS REJECTED. I ask for the supervisor to call me back, I am told he will call me on Tuesday. HE NEVER CALLS. Bonuses paid to claims supervisor for keeping PAID claims low? Packages go missing IN A UPS FACILITY? NO Investigation of WHO logged missing package, AFTER MANAGEMENT LEAVES? On-sight video surveylance? Package fell into someones pickup truck? Package becomes “unclaimed freight”, to be sold by UPS or rummaged by emplowees? NOW THE LATEST: Another package, 1Z58333R0183258932, a $400 Dyson vacuum as a warrantee replacement, now held up for “inspection” for 26 hours without movement! I BEGGED DYSON TO NOT SEND IT BY UPS THIEVES! THEY DID SO ANYWAY!!!

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