USPS In Transit to Destination- Meaning, Why and How?

Do you ever wonder that how many steps does your USPS parcel or courier go through, before it’s actually gets delivered at your doorstep. If not then we are going to break this whole chain or sequence of USPS delivery mechanism here in this article for your consideration.

In the general scenario a courier or package delivery goes through as many as 5 stages right from booking the parcel and then updating the delivery status of parcel as “Delivered” on the web portal of USPS.

In Transit Meaning




Status Not Available


In Case of Multiple Tracking Numbers

The 5 stages of parcel/courier delivery chain can be defined as accepting the booking for parcel,in transit status of parcel,out of delivery,parcel delivered and then at last you may also see the status as status not available.

So, here below we are breaking down the implication of each of these status chains, which take place in the process of delivering the courier or parcel.

What Does In Transit Status Imply?

As the name suggest in transit status of parcel states that the parcel is on the way to the receiver and has been dispatched by the seller. This status is updated as soon as seller dispatches the item to carrier for the delivery purpose.

You can check the live in transit status of your parcel at the web portal of USPS and check the current location of parcel.

How Long Can the Parcel Take to Be Finally Delivered?

Well, as per the USPS delivery policy the expected delivery of each and every item booked with USPS is estimated at the time of booking such parcel with USPS.

So, the maximum time which can be taken by USPS is that estimated time only as USPS generally delivers even before the estimated date.

There may be the times when delivery can get delayed even later than the estimated time due to some unavoidable reasons.

USPS Parcel Got Stuck in Transit

There may be some rare times when you will see the status of your parcel as stuck in transit. It simply means that your parcel is although on its way to you, but due to some situation it is currently stuck in transit means on the way itself. When you see such status then your parcel delivery timing will get delayed and there will be irregularity in the status update of your parcel. Your parcel will get going as soon as it gets cleared in the transit.

What Could be the Reasons Behind Parcel Got Stuck in Transit?

Well, there may be the number of reasons and situations during, which your parcel may get stuck in transit.

Here we are discussing the each possible factor behind such parcel getting stuck in transit.

  • Custom Checks

Custom is the core regulatory authority which often inspects the parcels, which are to be delivered for safety and security reasons. Custom checks become even more prominent when parcel is being received from the international borders.

So, if the custom department becomes suspicious about any parcel then such parcel is stopped in the transit unless proper clearance documents are submitted.

  • Size and Weight Issue of Parcel

Sometimes it happens that seller provides wrong information regarding the weight or size of the parcel due to which the shipping company may reject to pick up the parcel and deliver to its destination. So, consequently due to this misreading report of weight of parcel can cause the parcel to be returned back to the seller and your parcel gets stuck in mid way.

  • Damage to Parcel or Label Error

Courier companies although take utmost care of their parcels, but sometimes things may happen and parcel may witness the damage or the label of parcel may go missing.

In both of these scenarios the parcel can’t be processed further and consequently it may cause the parcel to get stuck there in process.

  • Changes in Delivery Address or Undelivered Address

If you make some changes in the delivery address of the parcel when seller has already dispatched it then it may cause the parcel to either get delivered at the earlier address or it may take extra time to get delivered at the current address.

Moreover if the delivery address is hard to reach for the carrier then shipment can be sent back to sender.

  • Weather or Traffic Delays

If weather becomes so worse that it affects the whole transportation system then your parcel can get stuck there in between. In the similar manner the traffic can also cause delay in the delivery of parcel than estimated time of delivery.

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What Can You Do Next?

You can’t do much or anything at all in the scenario when parcel is stuck in transit, since you have to accept the parcel even if it gets delivered late by the significant time. So, just sit back relax and wait for your parcel clearance, so that it reaches you as soon as possible. You can keep checking its live tracking on web.


So, we have defined the meaning of parcel or courier got stuck in way and what could be the possible reasons behind it. We urge you to have some faith and patience as USPS takes the proper care of your package and makes sure every possible effort to delivery it on time or as soon as possible.

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