What will Happen If I Lost USPS Tracking Number

USPS basically stands for the United States Parcel Services, which is the national courier and package delivery services of USA. As the name suggests USPS services are operated by the executive branch of US federal government only in the territory of country to send domestic and international couriers/packages.

Well, in this article we are basically going to discuss about the scenario of tracking the USPS parcel or courier in case of its tracking number is lost by the customer. We would also provide the possible solution under such circumstances so kindly go through the entire article to deal with such chaotic situation.

Delivery Pattern of USPS

Before, we discuss the consequences of losing the tracking number of USPS package it would be better if we understand the USPS delivery mechanism for the better understanding.

USPS basically divides its delivery services under the three head of services. These heads are letters,flats and packages and here we are going to know about all these heads separately.

  • Letters

USPS separates the letters and packages food the delivery purpose,however the same machine is used to book the letters and packages and to arrange the delivery schedule. The machine basically captures the stamp posted on the envelope of letters and then computer finds out the particular address and plan the delivery chain of such letter

At last letter is sorted out by the bar code sorter and letter is loaded on the specific doc for delivery.

  • Flats

In this category of USPS delivery they take the bundled magazines or the books which weigh on the medium scale lesser than the weight of packages. The delivery mechanism of flats involves almost the similar process which is followed in case of letters using the bar code sorter.

  • Packages

Packages are the last  category of USPS delivery mechanism which fall under the heavy sizes and varieties.Packages are scanned and image is captured in the imaging tunnel and then camera maps their delivery address along with the type of package and its weight.

packages are given specific bar code scanner which generates the specific code for tracking purposes.

Can You Track USPS Item without Tracking Number?

Well, this is the question of business in this article which makes many of us totally confused,whether can we track the any delivery item in case USPS tracking number is lost.

Answering this question we would like to make it very clear that without the tracking number it is nearly impossible to track the location or movement of USPS item. It will be very hard to know even the delivery status of item in this scenario, since USPS keeps no other record of transaction for tracking purpose.

It’s basically the tracking number generated by the bar code attached on item, which is used for tracking purpose.So, it is very important to keep the tracking number in the safe custody.

What to do Next after Losing USPS Tracking Number

Well, there is not much you can do in this scenario but just to stay in touch with the recipient of such letter/package to whom the item has to be delivered. If it’s an international package then USPS can take approximately of 28 days to deliver the package.

So, you are advised to stay in touch with the recipient to know whether the package has been delivered or not. Further if your package has been booked by Stamps.com then they may send you the link containing the tracking number of your package by which you can track your package easily.

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So, as the conclusion of the topic it is highly advisable to keep the tracking number in safe hand in order to avoid such mentally painful and chaotic scenario.

You don’t have to worry about your package with USPS, as it’s already in the safe hands and will be delivered to its destination within the minimum possible time period.

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